KFC Battle is your opportunity to make your talent known to an audience of thousands of people.
Two creative directions of the KFC Battle and a brand new program "100 RGMs. 100 stories. 100 secrets of KFC success"
Support from professional mentors, video digests of qualifying rounds, a finale with the best of the best, online voting for the winner and so much more.
Change your life once and for all. Show what you can do. Participate in the KFC Battle!
Casting application period is over.
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Do you sing anywhere, anytime and in any mood? Are you sure that your voice is the most important instrument for your self-expression?
Congratulations! Very soon you will meet our star mentor, singer XENA.
She and her team will teach you how to control your voice, hit the highest notes and produce vocal parts that even international stars will envy you.
Can't imagine your life without drive, emotion and constant motion? It's time to let that energy out.
The team of your mentor Atazhan Allaberenov will help you find your own style, gain confidence and prove to the whole world - when you dance, people can't take their eyes off you.
The store manager is our No. 1 business leader! We received hundreds of stories from direction coaches.
Very soon the LT team will choose TOP 100 stories whose authors will personally share their secrets of KFC success at the conference. Stay tuned!
January 24
KFC Battle 2022 Telegram-channel lounch. The most relevant and exclusive information about the contest.
February 7-8
Digest 1:
Dancing and Singing: qualification
February 15-16
Digest 2:
Dancing and Singing: qualification
February 21
Semifinal video digest. Determining finalists of the KFC Battle
March 3
KFC Battle 2022
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